In recent years, FERMA experienced a growing volume of transactions as a result of market diversification in important areas such as mining and electricity, which were added to the traditional construction of metal buildings and new business opportunities in Argentina and other Latin American countries.

In the short term, this change produced a quantitative change to the company. New equipment, new technologies, more infrastructure investment, processing and dispatch of higher amount of steel tons, among others.

This change, also prompted a qualitative leap in adapting the HR profile according to the new demand profile, through qualification and training in new production programs, software skills  and high-tech equipment.

We are seen in a different way and we see ourselves in a different way. FSC is the icon of this cultural change.

Change that brought improvement  in every area and in many ways.

The new demand raised new requirements.

The response was immediate and efficient, giving a clear signal of a company whose reflects give projection in time: FSC sits on stilts that allowed it to evolve and will allow it continue evolving.

Eng. Civil Edgardo Padinger


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