Is running in the city of Córdoba expanding the Volkswagen plant for the production and service area.
This extension consists of 3 separate buildings consisting of the production area with approximately 23000 m2, the deposit of approximately 4500 m2 and deposit Forge and North Fundción and eaves of 3250 m2.
The structural type of building designed to withstand significant gravity loads arising from the services is very similar in the whole incident highly in the design of the structure and is made primarily to allow the suspension of services, beam lattice structure in both addresses with columns located with a typical modulation de20x20 and 20×30 meters. The structure is completed with a bracing system on the roof and sides and folded metal sheets to support enclosures.
The walls in most of the buildings consist of two pre-painted metal and insulation on the sides and bottom cover with ceiling plate and sheet prepainted galvanized Ferm T-45 cover.