Nestlé Purina, a company dedicated to the manufacture of pet food, has acquired directly to FERMA SA, the design, manufacture and assembly of the production building of the new ‘Line 4’ process.

The building is 23 meters high and has a plant of 18X35 m, has many operating levels (floors) and vertical openings for the location of process equipment.

Overloading design at all levels is 600 kg / m2, the floors are made of metal, and the structures are predominantly formed by closed hollow section profiles for health reasons.

The combined use of hollow sections with the need to fully bolted assembly on site, introduces the need to development of specialized work connections with high degree of technical development and exacting manufacturing standards.

With the new «Line 4» process, a dyes storage building (10 m in height and 9 x 22 m of surface), a body of stairs and ladders themselves up to 10 meters high, and an extension to the neighboring packaging building is also included and all necessary for the realization of civil works (soil movement, foundations and masonry).

The provision involves about 1.100 m2 and 480 tt of structures.