Services and Products for refreshments SRL has acquired to FERMA SA to supply the company COCA COLA, the design, fabrication and erection of all metal structures, decks, cladding and cameras frozen and fresh, for the new facilities available at COCA COLA Polo Industrial Ezeiza as a storage center and distribution of concentrated juice for all the Argentina.

The provision includes a main hall of 8500 m2, with a camera of frozen of 2100 m2 and -22 °C, and other of 1500 m2 and + 4 °C, with prepainted polyurethane core panels of high thermal efficiency.
ll the bay enclosure has panels of polyurethane core, with interior and exterior finish prepainted sheet, except for the outer cover which is galvanized.

Ancillary provisions include a building of flammable products (also with a camera at + 4 °C), closets, services area, security and other complementary (covered walkways, stairs, ceilings, equipment platforms, etc).

The required levels of demand meet the international sanitary standards of Coca Cola, as well as those of environmental commitment.

The provision involves 12.000 m2 of covered area and requires about 30.000 m2 of panels and 520 tt of structures.