New plant of blast cleaning for seamless tube.

Heavy steel building (92 kg/m2), made with I-shaped welded beams in controlled atmosfhere.


The building was executed with multiple steel rigid frames. The structure has a steep slope to allow the storge of cereal. The metal structure is based on containment walls of reinforced concrete.

The resistant structure was designed considering the loads of conventional metal buildings plus the typical loads of this type of storage buildings for grains, such as thermocouples, skips, walkways maintenance, etc.


Is an industrial building 50 mts width and 75 mts length, with 9.5 mts free height and the maximun external height is 12.30 m.
The primary framing consist of rigid multispan steel frame, with I shaped welded section. The bay spans are 18.75 mts. For the roof we used single joist, made of cold formed steel profiles.
Side and end wall panels are supported on cold formed steel C profiles.
The material roof is a double panel with U-45 on the top and T-101 in botton, on the wall we use double panel with T-101 exterior and interior, both of them with mineral insulation.
The main structure is painted with fire-resisting paint.


Services and Products for refreshments SRL has acquired to FERMA SA to supply the company COCA COLA, the design, fabrication and erection of all metal structures, decks, cladding and cameras frozen and fresh, for the new facilities available at COCA COLA Polo Industrial Ezeiza as a storage center and distribution of concentrated juice for all the Argentina.

The provision includes a main hall of 8500 m2, with a camera of frozen of 2100 m2 and -22 °C, and other of 1500 m2 and + 4 °C, with prepainted polyurethane core panels of high thermal efficiency.
ll the bay enclosure has panels of polyurethane core, with interior and exterior finish prepainted sheet, except for the outer cover which is galvanized.

Ancillary provisions include a building of flammable products (also with a camera at + 4 °C), closets, services area, security and other complementary (covered walkways, stairs, ceilings, equipment platforms, etc).

The required levels of demand meet the international sanitary standards of Coca Cola, as well as those of environmental commitment.

The provision involves 12.000 m2 of covered area and requires about 30.000 m2 of panels and 520 tt of structures.


Is running in the city of Córdoba expanding the Volkswagen plant for the production and service area.
This extension consists of 3 separate buildings consisting of the production area with approximately 23000 m2, the deposit of approximately 4500 m2 and deposit Forge and North Fundción and eaves of 3250 m2.
The structural type of building designed to withstand significant gravity loads arising from the services is very similar in the whole incident highly in the design of the structure and is made primarily to allow the suspension of services, beam lattice structure in both addresses with columns located with a typical modulation de20x20 and 20×30 meters. The structure is completed with a bracing system on the roof and sides and folded metal sheets to support enclosures.
The walls in most of the buildings consist of two pre-painted metal and insulation on the sides and bottom cover with ceiling plate and sheet prepainted galvanized Ferm T-45 cover.


Design, construction and erection of the new mounting Bout of Renault at Córdoba city. Steel structure of multiple-span bent of truss beams with cold formed sections. The secondary structure for the roof and side wall was made with cold formed steel profiles.


Differents steel structures of multiple-span bent of I-shaped welded beams and truss beams with cold formed sections and round tubes. These structures were adapted to the existing buildings and the solutions selected were the optimum.
These buildings are in the plants of: Zárate, Corrientes, Tucumán, Mendoza and Capital Federal.


Nestlé Purina, a company dedicated to the manufacture of pet food, has acquired directly to FERMA SA, the design, manufacture and assembly of the production building of the new ‘Line 4’ process.

The building is 23 meters high and has a plant of 18X35 m, has many operating levels (floors) and vertical openings for the location of process equipment.

Overloading design at all levels is 600 kg / m2, the floors are made of metal, and the structures are predominantly formed by closed hollow section profiles for health reasons.

The combined use of hollow sections with the need to fully bolted assembly on site, introduces the need to development of specialized work connections with high degree of technical development and exacting manufacturing standards.

With the new «Line 4» process, a dyes storage building (10 m in height and 9 x 22 m of surface), a body of stairs and ladders themselves up to 10 meters high, and an extension to the neighboring packaging building is also included and all necessary for the realization of civil works (soil movement, foundations and masonry).

The provision involves about 1.100 m2 and 480 tt of structures.


Pórticos en la Estacion Transformadora de 500KV Agua del Cajon Neuquen. Estructuras reticuladas de perfiles laminados totalmente abulonadas en obra. Pórticos de 34 metros de altura y 31 metros de luz entre ejes de torres. Las estructuras fueran íntegramente modeladas con el programa SDS/2. Control de calidad y normas para producción con altos niveles de exigencia. Toda la obra se realizó con maquinaria a CNC, tanto para el perforado y punzonado de perfiles como para el punzonado de placas.


Centro de Distribución en Gran Buenos Aires de 17.800 m2. Se desarrolló una estructura con pórticos metálicos continuos, formados con vigas y columnas de sección doble T de altura variable, con un esquema estructural apropiado, que permitió salvar luces libres importantes entre columnas, brindando gran flexibilidad al uso interno del edificio y por lo tanto optimizar el requerimiento del comitente.

En su interior se destinó un espacio para el desarrolló de un entrepiso metálico del tipo deck con encofrado perdido con destino a administración.

La estructura secundaria para el cerramiento de cubierta y laterales resuelta con perfiles de chapa plegada en frio.