Ferma S.A. was chosen by JBS for the construction of cold antechambers, distribution platform and pipeline for conveyors of the new freezing tunnel for the SWIFT plant in Villa Gobernador Gálvez.

Antechambers are buildings with industrial characteristics, with different levels of mezzanine containing various electromechanical installations and are permanently subject to low temperatures.

In more than 100 m of pipelines for conveyors, there are internal and external pipelines, some supported and others hanged, all subjected to low temperatures permanently.

The trajectory of our company, the quality of our work and the respect to the premise of delivering a product that meets the highest standards set by our customers, were decisive in the decision of JBS.


The building is approximately 6000 square meters with shopping destination structure comprising a double T-section composed of variable inertial frames with intermediate supports every 23 m away and separated from them every 6.65 meters. The structure developed in an area of high seismic activity comes complete with a large system of bracing on deck at side to absorb the financial burdens.

The walls of edficio are developed and pre-painted trapezoidal sheet metal galvanized Ferm 45-T, no drilling and engrafada.


Steel structure that shows the tipical characteristics of building height. Floor systems with Steel Deck with connectors, fireproof protection over the erected pieces, rigid frames for supporting the horizontal forces.


Design, construction and erection of a 18000 m2 building in I-shapped welded beams. This building is the first establishment in Argentina of the Chilean chain. This structure was mounted in the parking of Carrefour San Martín in Bs. As. The Carrefour structure was also done by our company in 1994, we built a total of 42000 m2 in the same landed property.


For this retailer company, we built more than 180.000 m2, in differents locations for its trade marks: Easy, Jumbo and Portal.


Libertad became a pioneer and leader because he made innovation their key strategy . Since then he is at the forefront , creating value , providing services , and incorporating new concepts in marketing consumer products that contribute to improving the quality of life of the Argentines.


Steel structure with I-shaped welded beams for El Portal and truss beams with cold formed steel for the Easy. Erected in a zone of important seismic activity. The steel structure shape stands out in the building architecture.
The same typology was used at the Portal de Trelew.


Santa Fe Makro

The building is approximately 7200 m2 with commercial destination consisting of a double T-section structure formed by variable inertial frames separated 10 meters between them and intermediate supports every 23 meters. To cover as the separation between frames of about 10 meters Z profiles were used as continuous section to reduce distortion and appeals to them. With the building had to do an interior mezzanine with steel deck system for the administration area. The walls of the building was developed with trapezoidal sheet metal prepainted and galvanized Ferm 45-T, no drilling and engrafada.


Makro Bahia Blanca

A building of approximately 4200 m2 for a grocery wholesaler implanted in a major commercial area of the city of Bahía Blanca. The building of irregular features to existing buildings should be adjusted and running for the assembly which, coupled with aggressive features of the climate prevailing during the construction constituted a challenge for the company. Basically the structure consists of gates spaced approximately every 17 meters, double T-section variable inertia and significant saving lights between support columns .. To cover as wide separation between frames were used Joist straps crosslinked type folded steel sections cold, they are also used in some quarters to complete the bracing system cubierta.Con the building had to make a mezzanine with steel deck system for the administration area. The walls of the building was developed with trapezoidal sheet metal prepainted and galvanized Ferm 45-T, no drilling and engrafada.


Ingeniería, construcción y montaje de 17 edificios metálicos con una superficie total de 423.000 metros cuadrados.

Entrega certificada en tiempos reducidos.


Un edificio de planta irregular formado por una estructura principal de columnas y vigas reticuladas de perfiles laminados, como estructura secundaria para los cerramientos de cubierta y paredes se han utilizado correas conformadas en frio.

Este edificio presentó varias estructuras secundarias auxiliares suspendidas de las vigas de cubierta para soporte de cielorraso, cañerias, pasarelas.

Externamente el edificio principal posee una marquesina de acceso soportada por columnas circulares metálicas y vinculadas al edificio principal, esta marquesina posee cerramientos de techo y cielorraso soportadas por una estructura secundaria de perfiles conformados en frio.