Ferma S.A. was chosen for the manufacture and erection of the entire port infrastructure at TOEPFER plant, located in Puerto San Martin, Santa Fe province.

The contruction consists of: towers, galleries, hoppers and a cell for storing grain. The total weight of these bolted fully hot dip galvanized structures is 600t .

This is the second cell that Ferma S.A. built during the first half of this year. The first was a cell for sand for YPF company, in the Añelo (Vaca Muerta) complex, province of Neuquén. This cell has an area of 8.000 m2, 24 meters high and a total weight of 400 t.

Strict compliance with the deadlines and delivering a product that meets the highest quality standards, remain our objectives and are the principal characteristics that our customers value.

A. A. 2000

Ingeniería, construcción y montaje de un hangar de alma llena, en el Aeropuerto Internacional San Fernando, según normativa AISC.


Multiples heavy structures for processes, constructed with rolled beams. The design and construction were supported for advanced software technologies (SDS/2 for detailing and CNC machines for drilling). Sandblasting, automatic welded, etc. must reach the high quality standards of the client.
The erection of the structures was done in an extremely hard climatic zone.


Processes towers of 32 m height. One is in the industrial park of Córdoba city and the other is in the industrial park of Tucumán city.
For the development of the engineering of these buildings we used our software of design SDS/2, and the structures were mechanized with CNC Ficep equipment.
We also provided 6 steel silos of 16 m height.


Engineering, construction and erection of a steel building. Multiple-span bents of I-shaped welded beams pinned at their bases. The building is 135 m wide for 900 m large. There are 1600 ton. erected in 150 days.

This building is the new steel structure with the larger surface in the Argentina Republic.


Ampliación nave de colada en Villa Constitución de 1260 m2 y 35 m. de altura.

220 TT de estructura soldadas con calidad radiografiada.