Urbanized of 4228 villas across the country

FERMA S.A. will be present in this project promoted by the Ministry of Social Development of the national Government and financed by the World Bank, will be in Villa 31 with 26 buildings totaling 72,000 m2.

It proposes the expropriation of lands and the realization of agreements with the inhabitants for the delivery of deeds.
In August 2016, the Government began to carry out a survey with different NGOs and neighborhood movements to determine the number of settlements throughout the country. According to the data of the National Registry of Popular Districts, which is instrumented by the Ministry of Social Development in charge of Carolina Stanley, 4,228 villas were identified. Together, they cover an area of ​​415.5 km2, twice the surface area of the city of Buenos Aires. And in those lands approximately 3.5 million people live.

Based on this information, and as part of a comprehensive plan, the Executive will present a project to the Congress to urbanize these settlements and move forward with agreements so that its inhabitants can become owners.

The initiative will begin to be discussed in the commissions in the coming days and proposes to declare «the public utility and subject to expropriation of real estate» that make up the National Registry of Popular Districts. In addition, it empowers the State Property Administration Agency (AABE) to make agreements with provinces and municipalities for the transfer of these properties and to establish tax compensation mechanisms.