Two new thermal power plants in operation

The National Energy and Mining Ministry reports that on Saturday, August 12, the CT Pérez and CT Cañada de Gómez thermal plants, both in the province of Santa Fe, began to generate electricity for the national interconnected system.

In the case of CT Perez, it has an installed capacity of 76 MW and is apt to consume natural gas, gas oil and fuel oil indistinctly. Its commissioning was advanced in relation to the date of the tender (August 29), carried out within the framework of SEE Resolution No. 21/2016.

The CT Cañada de Gómez has 64 MW and is suitable for consuming the three fuels mentioned above. It was also advanced in relation to the contractual date, being the same on October 29.

In this way, 10 power plants are already being generated within the framework of SEE Resolution No. 21/2016, with a total of 774 MW, equivalent to the generation capacity of the Atucha II nuclear power plant. The investment (estimated at US $ 696,600,000) has been made entirely by private capital and its repayment will be made through long-term supply contracts (up to 10 years).

According to the commitments assumed by the bidders of the tender, before December 31 of this year, 14 additional generation projects (US $ 1,630,800,000 of estimated investment) will be specified, adding another 1,812 MW to the system.

The total new generation capacity will enable the system to operate on critical summer days with greater reliability and safety, reducing cutting risks and making the operation of the service more economical.

Source: Press Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Nation