New CNC pantograph, plasma and oxyfuel

FERMA S.A. Put into operation a new CNC pantograph for high precision Plasma metal cutting and high definition oxyfuel with a net cutting capacity 3000 x 13000 mm. The width of cut is taking into account a slave head, that is to say that allows to cut a plate of 3,000 mm of width with a slave head installed.

It should be noted that this equipment will be added to one of similar characteristics to double production in the cutting area, this will be achieved thanks to the capacity of HYPERTHEM sources (260 and 400 A).

Accuracy, Robustness and Versatility are the main features of this large pantograph prepared for any cutting process. Its super reinforced construction ensures a high cutting quality lasting over time no matter how aggressive the working environment is or how high the demand for production is.

This equipment allows cutting with high definition plasma, high definition oxyfuel, perforated with wick or milling, milling, routing, engraving, plasma bevelling, triple bevelled with oxyfuel for bevels in K or X on both edges of the sheet simultaneously.

Powerful motorization and state-of-the-art CNC deliver high productivity in high definition plasma processes (with or without beveling), high definition oxyfuel (with or without beveling), drilling, milling and engraving.