INDUSTRIAS JUAN F. SECCO S.A. Thermoelectric plants

SECCO chose to trust FERMA S.A. with the challenging task of providing and assembling simultaneously 3 Thermoelectric Plants in the cities of Cañada de Gómez, Pérez and Villa Ocampo, the three of them located in the province of Santa Fe.

Each of these plants contains a variety of structures, such as a pump room, radiator supports, fuel treatment vessels and towers among others.

In addition to the provision of the metal structures, FERMA S.A. performs the execution of the civil work on the majority of the items, providing a more complete and all round service.

These 3 Thermoelectric plants add up to a total of 500 TT to be manufactured and assembled.

The technology, our management system, flexibility, and above all, our qualified human capital, allow us to comply with the demanding execution times and with the highest quality standards.