FERMA S.A. supplying new markets

Since the middle of July of this year, FERMA SA started with the engineering development for the HAIZEA-SICA company’s warehouses located in Argentina, being its first landing in South America.

This project consists of the construction of 5 warehouses entirely formed by metal structure surpassing 6,000 m2 and 300 tons of structure, which are divided into the following buildings: INTERNAL ASSEMBLY SHIP, TRANSFER SHIP, GRANALLADO SHIP, SHIP OF PAINTING and finally DEPOSIT SHIP. It is important to note that inside the ships have crane bridges of 40 meters of free light with a load capacity of up to 100 tons.

Below is a sample of the progress of the project in the different stages of construction, which is estimated to be available for use in the coming days, as agreed in the work schedule.

The purpose of these ships is to manufacture wind power generation towers of National and International supply.