FERMA and the industry 4.0: towards the process digitalization

Nowadays, the global manufacturing sector is going through what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, also called «Revolution 4.0». This has been promoted primarily by the impressive increase of information volumes, the development of computer systems and connectivity.

In this context, and with the desire to strengthen its position as a benchmark in the metal building market, our company has decided to advance in the implementation of a Manufacturing Information System to control and manage its processes.

Integration and connectivity between systems and technologies are the StruMIS keys: the world’s leading software to manage the manufacturing of metal structures. Based on the BIM technology information obtained from the calculation, design and detailing software, StruMIS allows to digitally manage all the processes involved in the supply chain, from quotation requests to final dispatch to the assembly site.

As main features and qualities of this system, we can mention:

  • Interoperability for the exchange of information with BIM technology systems, administrative/accounting systems, material nesting software, CNC equipment based on CAD/CAM data, among others.
  • Optimization of the use of materials in the preliminary stages of project development.
  • Effective control of reviews and modifications of projects in execution.
  • Total traceability of production processes, logistics, quality controls and materials.
  • Survey of data in factory or work through production consoles or reading QR codes from mobile devices.
  • Integrated management of material purchases, reception at the plant and inventory management.
  • Optimization of production flows, capacity planning and management of manufacturing and supply priorities.
  • Control of progress of the project in real time with 3D model.

Without a doubt, this technological leap represents today a great challenge for FERMA SA in its permanent search for competitiveness, innovation and a high level of service for its customers.