Advance in the J.F. Secco

FERMA S.A. The provision and assembly of all metal structures for the J.F. Secco in three locations in Santa Fe (Perez, Cañada de Gómez and Villa Ocampo) simultaneously.

Here the progress of the works mentioned…

New CNC pantograph, plasma and oxyfuel

FERMA S.A. Put into operation a new CNC pantograph for high precision Plasma metal cutting and high definition oxyfuel with a net cutting capacity 3000 x 13000 mm. The width of cut is taking into account a slave head, that is to say that allows to cut a plate of 3,000 mm of width with a slave head installed.

It should be noted that this equipment will be added to one of similar characteristics to double production in the cutting area, this will be achieved thanks to the capacity of HYPERTHEM sources (260 and 400 A).

Accuracy, Robustness and Versatility are the main features of this large pantograph prepared for any cutting process. Its super reinforced construction ensures a high cutting quality lasting over time no matter how aggressive the working environment is or how high the demand for production is.

This equipment allows cutting with high definition plasma, high definition oxyfuel, perforated with wick or milling, milling, routing, engraving, plasma bevelling, triple bevelled with oxyfuel for bevels in K or X on both edges of the sheet simultaneously.

Powerful motorization and state-of-the-art CNC deliver high productivity in high definition plasma processes (with or without beveling), high definition oxyfuel (with or without beveling), drilling, milling and engraving.

INDUSTRIAS JUAN F. SECCO S.A. Thermoelectric plants

SECCO chose to trust FERMA S.A. with the challenging task of providing and assembling simultaneously 3 Thermoelectric Plants in the cities of Cañada de Gómez, Pérez and Villa Ocampo, the three of them located in the province of Santa Fe.

Each of these plants contains a variety of structures, such as a pump room, radiator supports, fuel treatment vessels and towers among others.

In addition to the provision of the metal structures, FERMA S.A. performs the execution of the civil work on the majority of the items, providing a more complete and all round service.

These 3 Thermoelectric plants add up to a total of 500 TT to be manufactured and assembled.

The technology, our management system, flexibility, and above all, our qualified human capital, allow us to comply with the demanding execution times and with the highest quality standards.

GRIDO Machine Room

Once again, as during over a decade, GRIDO continues to entrust its projects to FERMA S.A. making us part of the engineering development, manufacture and assembly of its expansion in «Chambers’ Transition Zone» and the new «Machine Room» in their plant located at Parque Industrial Ferreyra, province of Cordoba.

Within these two projects, the «Machine Room» project stands out for being a very complex and heavy building, with a full soul structure reaching a maximum height of 25 meters, different levels of mezzanines and equipment loads distributed on deck of 200 TT.

The two projects together add up to a total of 300 TTs manufactured in very limited times, following up to our customers needs which are becoming more demanding in terms of execution time and quality.

Expansion in Argentina S.A. NESTLÉ PURINA

Nestlé Purina Argentina S.A. selected Ferma S.A. to expand its pet food production plant. This plant is located in the city of Santo Tomé, Santa Fe.

Among the various built buildings, it stands the processes one, with more than 23,00 m high and lots of mezzanines distributed at many levels.

In the buildings of dyes and processes, all the pieces are tubular, with the consequent requirements in design, production and erection for connections, which must reach the high quality standards required.

The constructed buildings: processes, packaging, dyes and emergency staircase, have a total structure weight of 825 tt, in addition to coatings and insulating sheet paneling.

Port infrastructure in Pto . San Martin for TOEPFER

Ferma S.A. was chosen for the manufacture and erection of the entire port infrastructure at TOEPFER plant, located in Puerto San Martin, Santa Fe province.

The contruction consists of: towers, galleries, hoppers and a cell for storing grain. The total weight of these bolted fully hot dip galvanized structures is 600t .

This is the second cell that Ferma S.A. built during the first half of this year. The first was a cell for sand for YPF company, in the Añelo (Vaca Muerta) complex, province of Neuquén. This cell has an area of 8.000 m2, 24 meters high and a total weight of 400 t.

Strict compliance with the deadlines and delivering a product that meets the highest quality standards, remain our objectives and are the principal characteristics that our customers value.

Antechambers and pipelines for SWIFT

Ferma S.A. was chosen by JBS for the construction of cold antechambers, distribution platform and pipeline for conveyors of the new freezing tunnel for the SWIFT plant in Villa Gobernador Gálvez.

Antechambers are buildings with industrial characteristics, with different levels of mezzanine containing various electromechanical installations and are permanently subject to low temperatures.

In more than 100 m of pipelines for conveyors, there are internal and external pipelines, some supported and others hanged, all subjected to low temperatures permanently.

The trajectory of our company, the quality of our work and the respect to the premise of delivering a product that meets the highest standards set by our customers, were decisive in the decision of JBS.

New welding profiles section H

FERMA has purchased and installed a semi-automatic equipment for manufacturing of welded steel H profiles, consisting of:

  • A system for pre-assembling of H sections from flat rolled sheet, through magnetized mechanisms for positioning and centering of flanges-web, with an integrated drive system roller to approach the feed table of pre-assembled sections.
  • A drive system roller for feeding the welding unit, with independent operation of the first drive system roller.
  • A central unit for pressing, centering and tractioning of sections, integrated to a SAW welding system, with two stationary torches and its with respective sources 1200A, fluxing by gravity and recovery system by vacuum turbines.
  • A complementary post-weld straightening of flanges, up to 40 mm thick.
  • A roller drive system for reception and evacuation of H profiles and its finished welds.

The capabilities of the equipment can be summarized as follows:

  • Maximum length: 15 m
  • Web height range: 150 to 2000 mm
  • Range flange width: 150-800 mm
  • Flange thickness range: 4 to 40 mm (with straightening) or 50 mm (no straightening).

This equipment allows integrating of a lots of manufacturing steps from various operating stations in a single unit, solving the needs in a smaller plan footprint, greater operational control, both production and quality, and making improvements and higher productivity in the manufacturing process, compared to a traditional line of welding.

Ampliación de la Planta Fratelli Branca

La firma Fratelli Branca Destilerías eligió a FERMA S.A. para realizar la ampliación de su nave de producción en la planta ubicada en Tortugitas.

En este momento se encuentra en curso de diseño y fabricación (y posterior montaje).