SOFTWARE: the most powerful in the world for the design of structures -SDS/2- with 14 licenses enabled

CNC EQUIPMENT: last generation from Italy, USA, Germany and Turkey – 14 bridge cranes

EXPERTISE in any sector requiring us: Mining; Energy Infrastructure, Oil; Industrial Plants; Malls; Bridges and Process buildings.

INVESTMENT: we have acquired 40,000m2  in the industrial park of our city for a new industrial plant.

HR: tradesmen, architects and engineers, among other professions, highly skilled in Argentina and abroad.

REGULATIONS: constant compliance with international standards.

WILL: to fulfill the needs of our customers.

VOCATION: of continuous growth.

DECISION: serious to say NO if we can not meet a deadline.

EXPERIENCE: 55 years in the local and Latin American market.


We are at your disposal to develop the best solution for your project

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